Delivery – A Short Film by Kieran Vyas

During lockdown, my partner (actor Katie Burchett) and I put our energy into writing and producing a short film. We ended up creating ‘Delivery’ – a short comedy sketch in which Katie plays both of the two leading roles. We submitted ‘Delivery’ to a variety of film festivals and were delighted to be selected for several. Most of the festivals are still upcoming but so far we have accrued the following laurels:

Bimonthly Winner – White Deer International Film Festival

Finalist – First Time Filmmaker Sessions

Official Selection – London Rocks Film Festival

Honourable Mention – UK Seasonal Short Film Festival

Whilst I’ve been a part of the film festival circuit before as an actor and acting coach, I’ve never submitted my own films. Katie and I are very much looking forward to attending the festivals where our film will be screened later in the year. Hopefully, the current easing of lockdown and the trend of declining coronavirus cases will continue.

Katie Buchett in ‘Delivery’

On the back off Delivery’s success, we’ve already filmed our second film ‘Drought’ and, with the easing of lockdown, have begun planning larger projects.