King Richard's Cyber Horse

‘King Richard’s Cyber Horse’ by Sara Bodinar

This autumn I’ll be directing ‘King Richard’s Cyber Horse’, a brand new play by award-winning writer Sara Bodinar. The play was commissioned by Urban Young Actors especially for their end of year show and centres around a virtual reality game in an apocalyptic future. Rehearsals begin in September and the production goes up on 23rd November.

This will be my fourth time directing for Urban and is undoubtedly the biggest project yet. Over the years, I’ve been blown away by the level of talent coming through the doors and the list of Urban alumni speaks for itself.

‘King Richard’s Cyber Horse’ will see historical events navigating on a futuristic landscape and, I must confess, the theme of virtual reality gets my inner child beaming with excitement. My only hope is that the budget stretches to some extensive primary research with Oculus Rift headsets! Needless to say, I can’t wait to dive into rehearsals and get started.

Director: Kieran Vyas
Writer: Sara Bodinar
Producer: Melissa Smith

King Richard's Cyber Horse Poster (small)

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