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Breakin’ Convention – International Hip Hop Festival

On 23rd and 24th May, Breakin’ Convention (the international festival of hip-hop dance theatre) came to Curve, Leicester for the first time. Breakin’ Convention is an award-winning and critically acclaimed organisation that represents the origins and evolution of hip hop culture from around the world and around the corner. The festival brings dancers, rappers, beat-boxers and graffiti artists into the theatre.

I was brought in to produce two films for the event: one documenting the festival and a second short-film on hip-hop culture in Leicester. This second film will explore hip-hop’s transient nature and influence amongst other music genres, centred around celebrated DJ Jon 1 st who is an online DMC world champion with a history of competing in hip-hop DJ battles.

The festival, hosted by Jonzi D, Mr Shay and John Berkavitch, was a great success featuring international acts such as the Soweto Skelton Movers, Tentacle Tribe and Just Dance. I am now in the process of putting the first film together.

Just Dance

Just Dance – Breakin’ Convention, CURVE, Leicester

Made In India

CAST: Gina Isaac as Eva, Syreeta Kumar as Dr Gupta and Ulrika Krishnamurti as Aditi

Touring the UK 24 January – 8 April 2017

In a surrogacy clinic in Gujarat, three women meet. It’s Londoner Eva’s last chance for motherhood. For village girl Aditi, surrogacy is a lifeline out of poverty. For clinic owner and businesswoman Dr Gupta, it’s all just another transaction. But with the backdrop of profound global forces, can it possibly remain that simple?

‘Wonderfully sharp…the performances here are never less than enthralling.’ – ★★★★ Time Out

Strictly Arts’ artistic director Corey Campbell was invited to work as assistant director on this production as part of the Young Director scheme at Belgrade. The play is emotionally driven and addresses the culture, politics and ethics surrounding surrogacy in India. Lydia Denno’s evocative design is simple but versatile and, combined with an exceptionally strong cast, it makes for a fluid and enthralling experience.

The play is now currently on tour, for a full list of venues and dates please visit:

‘A passion-filled tale with lashings of humour as well as intense feeling… a superb piece of new writing’ – ★★★★ The Stage


Open Art Surgery

For Open Art Surgery at CURVE, Leicester, I worked with actor and producer Akshay Sharma to produce an original film entitled, ‘It’s An Art’. Open Art Surgery (formerly The Surgery) offers Hip Hop theatre performers and companies (dancers, musicians, emcees and visual artists) the opportunity to develop and experiment with new ideas, share new work publicly and receive mentorship from Jonzi D and other Hip Hop Theatre aficionados.

‘It’s an Art’ was envisioned on the Monday and premiered at Curve on the Friday. Every minute in between was spent solidifying the concept, composing the music, filming, editing and teching for the show, whilst under the mentorship of John Berkovitch.

The film was very well received and has since been sumbitted for various festivals and awards including the We The Peoples Film Festival.

Directed by Kieran Vyas
Starring Akshay Sharma
Original Music by PJ Govind

The Unblinding Musical

After performing in The Unblinding last year, I am pleased to announce that it has returned in a brand new medium.

The Unblinding is a sci-fi musical written by Sarah Henley with music and lyrics by James Fox.

The Unblinding charts the story of a gifted young man who lights up the dark secrets of the universe. In a world where people are acting impulsively – with no consideration for their future or legacy – our reluctant hero uses his powers to re-ignite his mother’s passion for life, before it’s too late…

The Unblinding reveals how for all of us, our relationship to time underpins the ultimate success of our existence.

This musical with a twist will bring together anthemic tunes, creative technology, circus and special effects. The Unblinding brings together an experienced team of artists on a mission to re-invent musical theatre and ensure it’s accessible for a young and diverse audience.

Now The Unblinding has been reinvisioned and will be presented in an entirely new genre – it combines animated graphic novel images and audio and is released in episodes via an app for your phone/tablet. Kieran has just finished recording a pilot for the series as well as performing in a live version at the Bussey Building in the protagonists home town of Peckham.

For more information visit: http://www.theunblinding.com/

‘One of the most brilliant and inventive solutions to telling musical stories that anyone has yet devised…’

Read the full review: http://britishtheatre.com/upcoming-the-unblinding/