‘Consequences’, a Film by Strictly Arts

As part of Strictly Arts, I’ve spent the last week shooting an anti-knife crime film in and around Birmingham. The project is funded by Derby City Council and the film will be released later this year. This is Strictly Arts first film and has been a lot of fun to shoot. It stars Keiren Amos, Khalid Daley, Phoebe Frances Brown, Reisz Amos, Aimee Powell and Nathaniel McIntosh, and is directed by Strictly Arts Artistic Director, Corey Campbell.

I’m delighted to say that the film, entitled ‘Consequences’, has caught the attention of a high-profile organisation and Strictly Arts are currently negotiating a commission to extend the film into a series. Hopefully, I’ll be able to release more information about this soon!

Khalid Daley

Khalid Daley

Special thanks to everyone who’s been involved with making this project a success.