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Kieran Vyas: Artistic Director of Urban Young Actors

Urban Young Actors has had a special place in my heart since I started leading workshops there in 2016. I teach professional actors, drama school students and youth theatre all over the UK but there is an incomparable electricity and a certain homeliness to this drama school for young people in Leicester. It’s for this reason that I couldn’t be happier to announce that I’ve now taken over the company as owner and artistic director. Alongside me at the Urban helm is my partner – award-winning actor and practitioner Katie Burchett – who joins me as co-owner and director to steer Urban into the new chapter of its life.

What is Urban Young Actors?

Urban provides weekly acting workshops for young people in Leicester as well as producing multiple theatre and film projects every year. Our alumni include Mahalia (Brit & Grammy Award-Nominated Artist), Jurell Carter (Emmerdale, ITV), Owen Warner (Hollyoaks, Channel 4), Dilan Raithatha (West End playwright) and Devesh Sodha (award-winning composer).

We run several groups in Leicester City Centre and Barkby that are split by age: 8-11, 12-16 and 16-21. In the past our larger projects have included stage productions, short films, festivals, competitions and a feature film that premiered at the Odeon cinema.

Looking to the future

We’re taking over Urban at a time when all of us are desperate to return to normal life and the arts will play a crucial role in repairing some of the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have big plans, we’re very excited for the future, and development for a film project in late 2021 has already begun.

Get involved

If you want to find out more information about Urban Young Actors or apply for a free trial session then head over to urbanyoungactors.com

On Set at Urban Young Actors

Urban Young Actors: Acting Classes in Leicester

A drama school for young people aged 8-21

Urban Young Actors is a leading specialist drama school in Leicester which I became the owner and artistic director of in 2021 (more info here). We have been running workshops for over 13 years, catering for young actors aged 8-21. 

Head over to urbanyoungactors.com to find out more!

We pride ourselves on delivering workshops of the highest standard that are accessible to young people of all levels of experience and ability. Our alumni include Mahalia (Brit & Grammy Award-Nominated Artist), Jurell Carter (Emmerdale, ITV), Owen Warner (Hollyoaks, Channel 4), Dilan Raithapha (West End playwright) and Devesh Sohda (award-winning composer).

All Urban members become part of our UYA Agency and we actively put them up for professional castings and auditions. We have a large network of connections that we regularly work within the East Midlands and beyond.

We believe that the arts should be accessible to all and not only to those who can afford it. We are proud to offer a number of scholarships, paying up to 100% of membership fees on behalf of our members.

Book your free trial

If you’d like to get involved, you can book your free trial now over at: urbanyoungactors.com/apply-now


Free Trial Workshop (16-21s)


Urban Young Actors are opening a brand new class on Wednesdays at Quad Studios in Leicester. I will be leading the weekly sessions that will focus on acting technique and training. To kick things off, we’ll be running a FREE TRIAL WORKSHOP to give aspiring actors a taster of the work we do at Urban. This is a great opportunity to receive free acting training from industry professionals! All levels and abilities welcome.




AGE: 16-21


(Limited spaces)

APPLY: kieran@urbanyoungactors.com


Free Trial Workshop Poster


From May, I’ll be leading the new class every week on Wednesday 7-9pm at Quad Studios.


Urban Young Actors is a leading specialist drama group in Leicester. We have been running workshops for over 9 years, catering for young actors aged 8-21. Many of our members have enjoyed success in various projects including feature films, award winning short films, plays, TV shows and voice-overs, as well as going on to being accepted at some of the top drama schools in the UK.

Christmas Variety Show

I am currently directing at Urban Young Actors for their Christmas Variety Show which will take place on the 16th and 17th December 2016. The show will feature an eclectic mix of theatre styles and genres.

The pictures below are taken from scenes of William Shakespeare’s ‘Troilus and Cressida’, performed by the 16-21 group and directed by me. Troilus and Cressida is one of William Shakespeare’s lesser known (or at least less popular) plays – I would describe it as an anti-hero, anti-romance and altogether quite anticlamactic tragicomedy. However, it is for those very qualities that I absolutely adore it and the young actors have done an exceptional job of creating a highly original and electric, modern interpretation.