At the end of last year, I posted on Facebook after witnessing a young girl being sexually assaulted in Leicester. A friend commented and said why don’t I use music and film to do something about it. Six months later and I’d like to share this…Two stories about real people I’ve encountered in my life which have had a profound effect on the way I see things. One is the victim of sexual assault and the other of homophobia.

Producing this film has been a huge challenge, the second story in particular. I wanted to reach out to the musical community I was raised in as I believe it’s a community that still suffers from a lot of homophobia. Time after time again I had the figurative door slammed in my face by people not wanting to be associated with the subject matter. The comments I received were shocking and appalling, and at the same time proved the importance of the song’s message.

Thank you to the cast for their support and to SAM.G for her breathtaking vocals.

If you like it and believe in the message, please like, comment, share and ‘let everybody know if you’re bringing love’. Thank you.



Catch me on BBC Radio Leicester speaking to Jo Hayward about #WAKEUP and the stories of sexual assault and homophobia that inspired it.

LISTEN HERE (from 2:06:00)


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