ALRA North – Acting for Camera

Last month I began teaching the ‘Acting for Camera’ module on the BA (Hons) Acting course at ALRA North. Many drama schools don’t put the same focus on acting for screen that ALRA does so I’m relishing the opportunity to explore and play alongside the students.

It’s easy to become passionate about people when you begin to study human behaviour. There’s a fire in the eyes, radiance in a smile and an energy that fills the room when we, as humans, are truly at ease and impassioned. We all have these qualities; they are natural, effortless and beautiful, but they also have a habit of evaporating the moment we start to act or sense the camera. Trying to capture that inner lifeforce when speaking words that aren’t our own isn’t natural, nor is it easy, but it’s something that all the greatest screen actors achieve.

It’s exciting to be working with the actors of the future at the start of their journies, and even more so as students begin to show moments of brilliance.

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