The Unblinding Programme

The Unblinding Musical

After performing in The Unblinding last year, I am pleased to announce that it has returned in a brand new medium.

The Unblinding is a sci-fi musical written by Sarah Henley with music and lyrics by James Fox.

The Unblinding charts the story of a gifted young man who lights up the dark secrets of the universe. In a world where people are acting impulsively – with no consideration for their future or legacy – our reluctant hero uses his powers to re-ignite his mother’s passion for life, before it’s too late…

The Unblinding reveals how for all of us, our relationship to time underpins the ultimate success of our existence.

This musical with a twist will bring together anthemic tunes, creative technology, circus and special effects. The Unblinding brings together an experienced team of artists on a mission to re-invent musical theatre and ensure it’s accessible for a young and diverse audience.

Now The Unblinding has been reinvisioned and will be presented in an entirely new genre – it combines animated graphic novel images and audio and is released in episodes via an app for your phone/tablet. Kieran has just finished recording a pilot for the series as well as performing in a live version at the Bussey Building in the protagonists home town of Peckham.

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‘One of the most brilliant and inventive solutions to telling musical stories that anyone has yet devised…’

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