Katie Burchett (To Be Seen 2019)

“To Be Seen” by Kieran Vyas and Katie Burchett

This week we’ll be performing an extract from our brand new solo show at Nottingham Playhouse for their Amp Night.

In a bleak, futuristic world, people rely on their online presence in order to survive. As daily news vlogger Luna fails to engage an audience, the pressure to be good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, begins to take its toll and distorts her perception of reality.

To Be Seen is a one-woman play that explores social media and its effects on mental health, written by me and actor/writer Katie Burchett. It’s a work in progress that we’re extremely excited to test on a live audience. This will be the first of a series of performances and R&D sessions we hope to complete to bring the play to fruition.

Venue: Nottingham Playhouse
Date: 10th April
Time: 8pm



“An excellent portrayal of austerity for millenials.”

“Thought-provoking. Up to the minute.”

“My God, we’re all doomed. Great piece!”

Katie Burchett (To Be Seen 2019)
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