Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Audition Panel

In April and May of 2018 I joined the panel at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire during the initial and recall auditions, and in January 2019 I became an official member of the panel.

It’s extremely rewarding being present at the start of an actor’s journey when they have bags of potential and their whole career ahead of them. But for the actors, auditioning for drama school can be a scary experience. Nerves are natural, they exist because we’re invested, passionate and hungry to do what we love. Let them energise your performance. You have (hopefully) done the hard work, now you just need to trust in yourself. Even after training and working in the industry I still get terribly nervous in a variety of situations. One thing to remember if you’re auditioning for drama school is that the panel needn’t be intimidating; we’re genuinely willing you to do well. What’s more, auditioning for drama school is expensive! Don’t forget to enjoy it.

You can check out my guide to auditioning for drama school here.

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